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Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Hunting Knife With Leather Sheath - SLL126

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Custom Handmade Damascus steel Folding Knife

This custom handmade folding hunting knife is a true work of art. The knife features a beautiful and durable Damascus steel blade measuring 4 inches in length, with a unique pattern that adds to the knife's aesthetic appeal. The handle is 4 inches long and made of bone, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The knife has a unique tang construction that combines wood and brass, which ensures strength and durability. The knife also has a leather sheath for safe storage and easy carrying. The sheath is made of full leather and is perfect for protecting the knife. Each knife is individually crafted by hand, ensuring a one-of-a-kind product. It's a perfect knife for any hunting enthusiast who values craftsmanship and style.

*Features and further details

Blade: Damascus Steel  and sizes are from 4 inches

Handle: Handle size is 4" and made up of  Bone , Wood & Brass

Package Includes: Leather sheath

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Knife Size:  8

Blade Length:  4

Handle Length:  4

Blade Materia:  Damascus Steel

Handle Material:  Bone

Tang:  Wood & Brass

Sheath Material:  Full

Blade Type:  Leather Sheath

Blade Color:  Drop Point

Handmade:  Gray

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