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To Play Cricket Successfully, You Need The Right Equipment. Whether It's A cricket Bat, Batting Gloves, Or Cricket Pads, It's Essential To Find Gear That Is Comfortable And Helps You Perform At Your Best. One Important Piece Of Gear Is The Padding, Especially Batting Pads. While Flashy Cricket Bats May Be Exciting, You Must Also Pay Attention To Your Pads. When You're Batting, Your Legs Need Protection From Hard Cricket Balls, And Good Quality Batting Pads Keep You Safe.

At Baramdat, Our Sports Shop, We Have A Variety Of Cricket Pads To Meet The Needs Of Every Player. We Know Choosing The Right Cricket Pad Can Be Confusing As They May Look Similar But Have Key Differences. Our Collection Offers Top-quality Cricket Batting Pads Suitable For Different Players.

All Our Cricket Batting Pads Are Designed To Protect You From Potential Injuries Caused By Cricket Balls. However, They Are Made From Different Materials And Have Unique Designs. Let's Give You A Quick Overview Before Guiding You To Choose The Perfect Batting Pads.

Modern Cricket Batting Pads Often Use Materials Like Polyurethane (PU) And Plastic Concrete (PVC). These Materials Are Lightweight, Durable, And Let You Defend Against Hard Balls Comfortably. They Are Also Easy To Clean And Maintain.

The Interior Of Modern Batting Pads Usually Includes Materials Like Cotton And Cane, With Foam Padding For Added Protection And Comfort. While Different Manufacturers Have Their Features, The Knee Roll, Once Common, Is Now Less Necessary Due To Modern Materials.

Choosing The Right Size Is Crucial For Easy Movement And Comfort During Play. Ill-fitting Pads Can Make Walking Difficult And Affect Your Agility. To Find The Perfect Size, Consider Your Body Frame And Choose From Small, Medium, Or Large Categories. Baramdat Offers Cricket Pads In Various Sizes To Suit Every Player.

Don't Worry About Online Shopping Being Expensive; At Baramdat, We Offer The Best Prices Possible. You Can Easily Find Products Within Your Budget Using Our Range Filter.

Got Questions? Check Out Our FAQs:

  • What Are Batting Pads Made From?

  • Batting Pads Are Typically Made From Plastic Concrete (PVC) Or Polyurethane (PU).

  • Do You Have A Return Policy?

  • You Cannot Return Wearable Or Washed Items. Return Merchandise Within 15 Days Of Purchase, In Its Original, Unused Condition, With A Copy Of The Return Statement Or A Note Including Your Name, Address, And Order ID. If The Product Is Unavailable For Exchange, Provide An Equivalent Product (size), And We'll Reimburse You In The Original Payment Form.

  • What Is Your Shipping Policy? 

  • Items With Visible Cracks May Get Damaged During Delivery. Ensure Correct Delivery. We Use DHL For Delivery, Which Takes Seven Business Days To Arrive.

 Shop For Cricket Batting Pads Online At Baramdat And Elevate Your Cricketing Experience With A Wide Range Of Options.